In April 2017 Bridgewater Council voted to implement a 9-month trial of a fixed-route system to operate within the confines of the Town. CPT gave strong support to the Bridgewater initiative, recognizing that it as a game-changer that should direct regional transit development to focus on Bridgewater as a natural hub.

By March 2018 Bridgewater Transit had exceeded performance objectives and gained much public support. In April the Government of Nova Scotia provided a $200,000 grant to ensure that the system would continue for another year.

Bridgewater's commitment offers our four regional Councils an incentive to incrementally develop, together, this system. Presentations to each of our four Councils were made to each Council requesting/justifying this. The reaction was favourable in every case, representatives were formally nominated, and we hope for resumption of meetings shortly. We will be advocating the development of "feeder" routes to Bridgewater

Promotion of a pilot system along routes that would serve as "feeders" to the Bridgewater fixed-route system.


In a related development Maritime Bus Ltd. has received support from the Nova Scotia government for a trial of a passenger and parcel service from Bridgewater, through Lunenburg and Mahone Bay to Halifax and return three times daily.

CPT strongly supports this initiative, because it is complementry to and extends the Bridgewater Bus and the hoped-for feeders mentioned above. Any addition to a future transit network in Nova Scotia is important


An increase would be very desirable. Your executive has been guilty of failing to ask for help from the general membership. One of the important contributions that you, as a member, can make is "spreading the word." Tell your friends of your conviction that public transit is a necessity for growth and vitality of our area. Give them the link for this website - it's easy to remember - "www.transitlunenburg.ca"

If you would like to become a member please follow the link "Join CPT" on the website.

Another contribution you can make is as a member of our Board of Directors. This can be quite a bit of work, at times, but rewarding. Should you be interested you can contact our Secretary, Penny Mundell, at 902-634-9598, or our Chair, Stewart Franck, at 902-527-6834

Our faithful representatives on local Councils are teetering on the brink of buying into the message. What they need is to be told by ordinary citizens that they are prepared to pay (invest) additional tax money for public transit. Don't forget to point out that much of the cost is ploughed-back into the community in salaries, other operational expenses, and maintenance. See the discussion under "The Economic Case" on this website.


Our fundamental principles remain as:

1) Public Transit is a Public Good by virtue of Social Benefit and Economic Benefit;

2) "In Union there is Strength". The concept of public transit, with leadership and financial assistance from the Province of Nova Scotia, has much greater chance of acceptance if proposed jointly by several Municipalities.

MARCH 2019