TransitLunenburg has been conceived by the Citizens for Public Transit Society (CPT) as a scheduled, public bus system serving the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) and the Towns of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and Bridgewater. As the Town of Bridgewater has launched Bridgewater Transit, and has the largest concentration of population in the area, it becomes the natural hub for a regional system. The accompanying map shows how this might might be achieved using one bus and a spare in addition to the resources funded by Bridgewater. Obviously the area and frequency of service can be expanded with more investment in equipment and resources. CPT has long championed the idea that Public Transit would pay rich Societal and Economic dividends. This is explored in detail under "Why Public Transit".

Our four municipalities formed the Joint Transportation Committee to explore possibilities. It has conducted several consultant studies for both scheduled (fixed-route) services and demand-responsive ("dial-a-ride") services. So far none has been deemed quite appropriate. CPT has consistently recommended a scheduled system and has made several proposals to Councils and JTC.

It is expected that a scheduled service will complement door-to-door reservations systems already in place in Lunenburg County, and it is hoped that eventually the District system will inter-connect to a Provincial network that links many other local transit systems.