The Genuine Progress Index

In its studies GPI Atlantic seeks to establish the real costs - and benefits - of our economic activities by identifying all costs to society, many of which are usually unrecognized.

Its principal report is comprehensive while this shorter report focuses on Transportation.

Consultant Evaluation

In a similar way the Public Transit study commissioned by the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg examined the costs and benefits of public transit specifically for the District and its Towns, as detailed in Section 7.6 on page 56. The consultants concluded that total capital and operating costs plus quantifiable benefits of the proposed system operating would net to a positive value in approximately 15 years.

Unfortunately the economic benefits do not accrue directly to the agencies (governments) that provide the subsidy needed for the Public Transit system, and it is difficult for them to take the long view. The taxpayer can help by convincing authorities that Transit is an investment, not a liability.

Public Transit confers many indirect, unquantifiable but important economic benefits, not the least its contribution to the overall vitality of an area as an attractor of business investors and young families.